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How To Use An Infrared Thermometer?

One of the benefits of infrared thermometers is just how easy they are to use.

For most Infrared Digital Thermometer Gun, all you’ll need to do is point your thermometer at whatever you want to measure the temperature of, pull the trigger, and read the display.

Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer

Compared to other thermometers, this can be done at range, which is ideal for situations where you don’t want to get your hands close to the heat.

There are, however, a few things to take into consideration when using an infrared thermometer to help you get the most accurate readings.

The distance to target ratio

The distance to target ratio of your Infrared Thermometer is an indication of how large a circle of surface area the thermometer will read at a specific range. For instance, if your thermometer has a 12:1 ratio, it will measure the temperature of a 1-inch diameter circle of whatever you are pointing it at from 12 inches away.

This is an important ratio to keep in mind, so you have a clear idea of how far away from an object you have to hold your infrared thermometer to measure the temperature and not the temperature of the surface around it.

Your infrared thermometer can’t measure everything

As great as they are, your infrared thermometer can’t see through glass, clear plastic, or water. If you are pointing your infrared thermometer out the window, you just measure the surface temperature of the glass.

Infrared thermometers can also have trouble getting accurate readings from highly-polished metals because they tend to reflect ambient infrared energy more effectively than they emit their own infrared radiation.

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