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How To Use Human Infrared Thermometers Correctly?

An infrared thermometer is a commonly used measuring instrument that can convert the infrared radiation emitted by an object into an electrical signal, and can determine the temperature of the object according to the size of the converted electrical signal. The measurement scale of infrared thermometers is twice that of inductive thermometers. Infrared thermometers can not only detect metal targets, but also detect dielectric materials, such as paper, glass, wood, and plastic, and even pass through walls or paper. Shell testing is widely used.

During the epidemic and now when work is resumed, body temperature screening has become an important line of defense for epidemic prediction and control. In most public places, infrared thermometers with automatic standby and self-detection functions have also become important tools for monitoring body temperature. So, is the infrared thermometer in the hands of the monitoring personnel correct? The Infrared Thermometer Supplier will help you out.

Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer

Although the Infrared Body Thermometer is convenient and fast, it only needs to be pointed at the human forehead or wrist to measure the temperature of the subject. It is worth noting that when the infrared thermometer is low, the temperature measurement will be inaccurate, so it is necessary to ensure the battery adequate. Many people often use the infrared thermometer directly without receiving specific training, which sometimes leads to inaccurate temperature measurement due to improper use.

The normal operation of the infrared thermometer requires that the gun body and the subject are in a unified environment for 30 minutes to perform the measurement. Because it is in winter, the temperature of the skin exposed for a long time is low, and the measurement in many public places needs to be completed in a short time. Inaccurate body temperature measurement means that the subject needs to delay more time to repeat the measurement. It has also become a headache for many people.

In order to better solve this problem, we discussed and communicated with infrared thermometer salespersons, doctors and actual users, and finally summarized a few tips in the use of infrared thermometers: because people’s foreheads are more accessible than wrists in winter To the cold air, so give priority to measuring the temperature inside the wrist. In the cold outdoors, you can choose to sterilize the infrared thermometer and place it in a warm place, such as in your arms, inside your clothes, cover your hands or stick your baby to keep warm, to prevent the gun body from being low in temperature. When some units conduct internal personnel monitoring, they can choose to measure the temperature after employees enter the room for a period of time. Check frequently to keep the infrared thermometer fully charged. Take multiple measurements and take the average.

At present, people all over the world are working together to fight the epidemic in this invisible battlefield. If you need to buy an Infrared Thermometer Cooking, you can contact our manufacturer.