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How To Use The Human Infrared Thermometer Correctly?

Infrared thermometer is a Non-Contact Temperature Measuring Instrument, which measures the temperature of the measured object by absorbing infrared radiation.

main feature:

1.Non-contact prevention of cross infection;

2. Fast temperature measurement within 1 second;

3. Quickly screen for abnormal body temperature.

Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer

Instructions for using infrared forehead thermometer

1.Operate strictly in accordance with the instruction manual, and confirm the "body temperature" measurement mode before use.

2. Keep the Forehead Thermometer working between (16~35)℃, and avoid direct sunlight and environmental heat radiation when using it. It is better to keep the thermal balance between the forehead thermometer, the subject and the ambient temperature.

3. The forehead thermometer should be perpendicular to the center of the forehead and above the center of the eyebrows. The distance is generally (3~5) cm according to the requirements of the manual. If it is not specified, it should be measured at a distance of 3cm, and it cannot be close to the forehead of the subject.

4. The subject's forehead should be free of water, sweat, cosmetics, hats, hair and other obstructions.

What should I do if the infrared forehead temperature count is inaccurate?

1.Confirm whether to select the "body temperature" mode;

2. Prevent the forehead thermometer from being exposed to a low temperature environment for a long time, generally no more than 3 minutes, and appropriate insulation measures should be taken;

3. Take the average of multiple measurements, generally the difference between the two measurements does not exceed 0.3°C;

4. Personnel staying in a cold environment for a long time will cause the forehead temperature to be low, and can be transferred to a warm environment for retesting;

5. In case of large errors or abnormal conditions, the data can be corrected by checking with a glass thermometer or an electronic thermometer.

Simple correction method:

Under the same environmental conditions, use a glass thermometer and an Infrared Thermometer to measure the body temperature of multiple healthy people. You can take multiple measurements and take the average value, and record the difference between the infrared forehead thermometer and the glass thermometer; when using the infrared forehead thermometer When measuring with a meter, the measured value plus the correction value is the human body temperature.