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Infrared Thermometer, Are You Using it Right?

During the epidemic prevention and control period, an electron gun was stationed at the door of schools, shopping malls, and units waiting to measure the temperature of each person, but there were also problems that followed. Why is the temperature displayed incorrectly? Why can't the temperature data be displayed? Follow the Infrared Thermometer Supplier to learn how to use the human body infrared thermometer correctly!

The human body infrared thermometer is a detector that measures the infrared radiation of the measured object (human body surface, ear cavity, etc.), and then the electronic components of the thermometer can convert the information into temperature readings and display them on the display. Since infrared thermometers have long-distance, non-contact, and multi-target characteristics, they have played an indispensable role in epidemic screening

Infrared Thermometers

Infrared Thermometers

How to use human infrared thermometer correctly

The selection of human Infrared Thermometers must have a medical device registration certificate and be monitored and verified. During the trial period, it must be regularly maintained and maintained. Never use it under no or low power conditions. Otherwise, it will be impossible to measure or large deviations. The thermometer must cooperate with the user's standard operation. The temperature measurement mode must be adjusted to the human body model. The temperature measurement distance must not be too far or too close. The measurement must not be blocked by water stains, clothing, hair, etc.

Summary key

1.Choose qualified products with medical device registration certificate

2. Keep the thermometer fully charged

3. It should be operated at a stable and suitable ambient temperature

4. The user should standardize the operation and use the thermometer

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